Camp Fareta is a residential workshop hosted by Youssouf Koumbassa and features many other master dancers and drummers from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal. It is an immersion in West African drum and dance that started in 2006, and is held at a beautiful setting in the southern Sierras of California each summer.



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Camp Fareta Guinea 2020!!

Your host, Youssouf Koumbassa, and his team invite you to participate in the first ever event of this caliber in West Africa. The camp will take place on his land in Guinea with a beautiful scenic view. We invite you to share in this unique opportunity for cultural exchange, drumming, dancing, and complete immersion with artists from Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and Burkina Faso.

It has been an ongoing dream of Youssouf’s to host a camp like this in Guinea for many years. He is very pleased that it is finally coming to fruition and that he can share it with you.


 At Camp Fareta Guinea we strive to build community where we can be part of a sustainable world. The housing you will be staying in is constructed mostly from the land. The adobe bricks used to build the round houses are made from village soil and the wood and straw roofs are also from village land. We also believe in supporting the local economy and employ resident members of the community to help develop the land as well as grow healthy luscious organic food. During your stay at camp, you will be supported and surrounded by a family of locals who will walk with you through your journey and transformation.

As a participant at camp, you will prosper in many ways and receive many gifts. There are great ways you can support growth and transformation in others as well. We offer those of you who can or able, the opportunity to contribute. One of the best ways to strengthen the community is by “teaching others to fish.” Foreigners who have a trade or skill can help train locals in a similar area or something completely different. If you are a massage therapist perhaps you can teach a local massage therapist some tips and tricks. If you happen to know how to make jewelry you could teach natives to do the same. These are some suggestions, but the ideas and approaches are endless. Exchanges of this nature accomplish much more for people than handouts do and also support their families long-term.

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